Crystalline Solar Panel


  • Model: 350w 24V
  • Weight (kg): 45.1
  • Color: Crystal
  • Main Material: Crystal


This panel comes on it’s own for users looking to do a DIY kit with their own controller and fixingsThis very high efficiency waterproof 300w 24v monocrystalline solar panel is perfect for permanent outdoor use to provide free electricity for charging 24V batteries to power various applications such as in a camper van, motorhome, boat, shed, farm, as well as remote applications such as telecommunications or monitoring equipment. It can also be used to provide direct power supply for applications not sensitive to changes in input voltage / current (e.g. electric motors or pumps). The panel is fitted with 5 metre of cable specially designed for solar panels to carry high currents with negligible power loss. The cable also comes with crocodile clips which can be used for easy connectivity to your existing system, or for connecting an extension cable, or they can also be cut off if bare wires required for connection.


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