Protect Your Business


  • High Resolution( High definition recording of up to 3MP)
  • 24hrs recording with back up power
  • Remote viewing enabled (view over the internet through your mobile phones and ipads)
  • The recorded video can be backed up and transferred to another device
  • Motion detection camera also available (records only when there is motion)
  • Wireless and Wifi camera also available.


CCTV Applications

  • Home Users (Nanny Cam Solutions, Parental Watch And Care)
  • City and streets mapping solutions¬†
  • Commercials and Industries
  • Production/ Manufacturing companies
  • Retails outlets, supermarkets, boutiques, pharmacy stores etc.
  • Hospitality, Hotels, Event Centres.
  • Schools (Day-Care, creche, primary secondary & tertiary)
  • Banks & final institutions
  • Offshore, Onshore rig sites and moving barges
  • Aviation and Sea ports


CCTV Remote Viewing Enabled

Electronic security is not left out in this digital era, you can view your home, businesses, and office over the internet using your mobile devices. this means you can also monitor multiple site simulataneously